Opening New Doors

In October 2021 Ian Zimmermann retired and passed the torch to Simao Louzeiro, a longstanding and loyal employee of the business.

Simao and the team wish to express their appreciation for Ian’s over 30 years of leadership which has seen the business grow to be the leading and most respected garage door company in the region.

“We have big plans to expand the business” states Simao, “Garages are no longer just a place to keep vehicles, they have become part of the living and workspace in homes. We will be helping homeowners make better use of their garages and improve each home’s curb appeal. The choices of garage doors are miles ahead of when I started out in the business, and there is more to come. Stay tuned!”

The first task at hand is to recruit experienced garage door installers who can maintain our high standards of workmanship. We are also need a warehouse manager who can keep track of the thousands of products we need for our residential and commercial customers.