Help us do a great job

Please help our installers do a first rate job for you. A little preparation helps us offer good value, keep our prices down and helps prevent workplace accidents.

AOD_Access1. Give us access

Please make sure we know your address and how to find your property. If the door needs a passcode make sure we know it. If it needs a key let us know where to find it.



AOD_ClearGarageFloor2. Clear the garage floor

We need to use a ladder safely, so please remove vehicles, boxes, lawnmowers, garage tools, bicycles and everything else from underneath the rails and garage door opener. If you leave things in the way it is a workplace hazard.


AOD_BackUpToDoor3. Enable us to back up to the door

Remove vehicles and trailers from in front of the doors that need attention so we can back up our van. If capping is required, please keep the area clear until it is installed. Sometime capping is done up to three days after the doors are installed.


AOD_CeilingPlug4. Electrical power outlet

If a garage door opener needs to be installed a power outlet needs to be within 4 feet. All new homes should satisfy this code requirement.

It is also helpful for us to be able to plug in lights and power tools.


If your home is brand new or you are not sure whether the framing is correct please see this diagram for correct framing.