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“I cannot believe how your doors have transformed how my home looks from the street.” That is the comment we sometimes hear from our customers. Garage doors now come in a huge variety of materials and creative shapes. With careful selection they can change how your home looks.

New garage doors are at to top of the list of home renovations that give a return on the investment in increased home value.

We carry brands from the leading manufacturer, Clopay, as well as custom built wooden doors from Croskill and Oxford Carriage Door and other manufacturers including Amarr, C.H.I. Doors, Haas Doors and Steel Craft Doors.

When selecting a door there are various styles including steel insulated, carriage-house, traditional raised and contemporary doors made of composites, aluminum and frosted glass. These contemporary doors can make buildings look crisp and techie.

If your garage is not insulated there is not much point in getting insulated doors, however if your garage abuts your home and is insulated we can install some tremendously energy efficient doors, with R values as high as 20, along with tight weather stripping and bottom seals.

We also install doors for inside commercial office spaces and can be used for indoor-outdoor living, so rooms can be opened to the outdoors when there is warm weather.

Our staff can help you make the most of your garage doors. Want to create a man cave and BBQ area? Ask us. Need to add a hoist in your garage so you can use it to work on the underside of your vehicles? We have the experience. Thinking of adding flexibility to a room or covering a bar with a roll-up door? We’ll offer solutions?

Get some ideas here and give us a call.


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