White garage doors

Our garage doors say “Welcome home”

You might think we are crazy but we believe your garage doors are one of the most important features of your home. They can cover up to 30% of the homes frontage and make a huge difference to how your home looks from the curb. Your garage doors greet you each time you come home and when they open smoothly and reliably they say, “Welcome in, it’s lovely to have you back home.”

When we first got into the business over 40 years ago garage doors didn’t do much more than cover the hole where you parked vehicles. How everything has changed. Now the garage doors we install come in a huge variety of materials and beautiful, creative designs. They are also low maintenance and insulated. They can not only be used for your garage, they can also be used as an interior architectural accent and can be used for indoor-outdoor living, so rooms can be opened to the outdoors when there is warm weather.


Indoors and outdoors meet through an overhead door

Our staff can help you make the most of your garage doors. Want to increase the curb appeal of your home and increase its value? Ask us. Want to create a man cave and BBQ area? Ask us. Need to add a hoist in your garage so you can use it to work on the underside of your vehicles? We have the experience. Thinking of adding flexibility to a room or covering a bar with a roll-up door? We’ll offer solutions? How about just needing doors that open reliably and say “welcome home”.



We carry a wide selection of garage doors including those manufactured by Clopay and also C.H.I.  See the Door Picker page for information on the various collections or click the button below to browse the Garage Door Gallery that shows a few of the many doors we have installed.


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