Keep drafts, rain and bad weather
out of your garage

Weather stripping for garage doors provides a simple yet effective solution to keep out drafts, moisture, and debris, enhancing insulation and energy efficiency. By sealing gaps and preventing air leaks, it helps maintain a comfortable environment inside the garage while also protecting stored belongings from potential damage.


At Aurora Overhead Doors, a beautiful new garage door is just the beginning. We take pride in the finishing touches that make a real difference. Our comprehensive weatherproofing package includes premium weather stripping around the entire perimeter. This three-part system, with a snap-on cover and a rubberized seal, conforms to uneven ground, effectively keeping out drafts and moisture. We use only the highest quality materials that resist fading and cracking, even in direct sunlight. Plus, with dozens of colors available, you can find a perfect match for your door.

For an extra layer of protection, we can also add capping over the door frame. We understand everyone has different needs, so we offer a variety of weatherproofing options to fit your budget. Just ask us! By choosing Aurora Overhead Doors, you can rest assured your garage will stay dry and comfortable year-round.


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